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Sunday, October 10th 2021

10:51 AM

Happy Thanks Giving 2021everyone.

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Happy Thanks Giving2021 to all.  Stay Safe.

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Monday, January 18th 2021

10:31 AM

Wishing everyone a safe and happy new year.

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Thursday, March 26th 2020

4:43 PM

Stay Safe Everyone.

March 26, 2020

Wishing everyone  a safe Spring 2020. With the Corona / COVID 19 virus we are encourage to practice social distancing. On my part that's quite a normal day. As long as I have my laptop and access to WIFI intrernet I am well to go about with my day. So better be safe than sorry. Soon we will go through this tough times.

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Sunday, January 19th 2020

1:17 PM


Greetings to all,

It's been a while since you heard from me heh! Well life's been a whirlwind for me. Doing all kind of things to make ends meet to say the least. I have  been away and working on a movie sets with Hall Mark film "Two Turtle Doves" . Creating a winter scene in the middle of the summmer in 2019. It was fun and adventurous. Driving to the country side in Manitoba. And dealing with beautiful Manitobans that had been casted to do the film.Then off to BC to work on a TV series  "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" by Warner Brothers. In here I build costumes for the set. So exciting. Bigger production and higher budget. The sewing room is well equipt and we have buyers who go out and get things for your supply needs.  Ahh! the movie world.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas celebration and wish you all a wonderful New Year.

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Saturday, December 29th 2018

5:00 PM

To the WORLD! Merry Christmas and Happy & Safe New Year.

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Saturday, April 14th 2018

12:39 PM

April 2018

Happy Spring Everyone,

It's April in the Praries and the snow are melting. Lately we have Inspire Awards in the city. It was amazing I was able to get a call to do stagehand and see what are the Indigenous  First Nations are up to in the Arts. So nice to see Tanto Cardinal again. The set was amazing. It's all advance technology.

At the moment Manitoba Opera is on presenting La Traviata by Giuseppe Verde composer & Francesco Maria Piave Librettist again it is set in the 1920's Paris France. Lots of Flapper Dresses and Ostrich feathers complimented with Swallow tails and Top Hats. Erte the famous designer comes to mind.

In September last year I got a phone call when I was in Vancouver from Kayla Gordon who basically founded Winnipeg Studio Theatre. I work with Winnipeg Studio Theatre when it was still building the organization.  We did Altar Boys for the Winnipeg Fringe Feastival and raise funds to be able to produce other productions.  On May 24 to the 27 we are presenting School of Rock at the Tom Hendry Warehouse. 140 Rupert Avenue.  Get your tickets to support local young artist and to sustain our culture in Winnipeg.

Well that is it for now I do hope you will enjoy your spring and all the blessings that goes with it.

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Sunday, December 24th 2017

10:21 AM

Season's Greetings.

Hello my world of fashionistas,

Season's Greetings to each and everyone of you.  Hope your Holiday celebration will be filled with love, fun celebration and amazing friends & family. For a while now I have been doing all kinds of activities.  In August of this year I had the privilege to work for the musical show Phantom of the Opera. I'd say it's a must to see one of the most entertaining show that had been produce in Broadway. The sets & costumes are amazing & of course the performer with amazing voices. I will always cherish my time working to such a fabulous show ever.

In beginning of September this year I was able to do a quick on sight photo shoot in Vancouver. I wanted to do a beach atmosphere photographs of my active wear and evening wear. Thanks to Blanche Macdonald College for providing me hair & makeup crew and to my amazing model Shane Johnston & Vanessa Mason who made it happen in Sunset Beach, Vancouver B.C.

Lately I have been called in to work on costumes for featured films. My IATSE 856 called me to design and cut costumes for " The corruption of Divine Providence" by Jeremy Torrie. An Indy Film. What an experience working on the scene. Got to spend twenty six  days of filming in rural Manitoba. Met the amazing Tantoo Cardinal on the set. What a trooper.

There is a lot involved in working on the set. Getting up really early and be there on time for your call then staying really late till the director achieve what he is looking for his film.

Then came another feature film " Nellie Bly " also a feature film base on a true story of Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman who is a writer and carried on a pen name Nellie Bly in the Victorian era in United States. Making costumes for this film was a challenge. Too many things to do and not enough time. Sometimes I wonder if I could work on a film where everybody is working hard but enjoying the work at the same time. I bet you it would be very inspiring.

Now it's Christmas and really just blessed for what I have and looking forward for the new year.

Merry Christmas everyone, stay safe and be healthy.


This is my cat Gigi. She's not well at the moment but still adore her. Hoping she will make it to 2018.


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Saturday, August 5th 2017

11:19 AM

August 05,2017

Greetings to everyone,  Hope you are enjoying your summer this year where ever you are around the globe. 

Spring was very busy for me preparing for a fund raising fashion event  Runway 204 which took place at the Winnipeg Hydro Building. Organize by Annica Ramkissoon of the Seven Oaks General Hospital Mental Illnesses Department and join forces with Manitoba fashion Designers, Panache Modelling Management, MC College Hair & Makeup and tons of individual and many more who had help it happen. The event was conceived to raise money for a good cause and promote Fashion Designers of Manitoba. Thank You to everyone who came and support Runway 204 - 2017.


In February I was approach by MC College Hair/ Esthetics and Fashion School if I would be interested in teaching at the College.  Of course I said yes.  Early in the Spring of this year I took over the position of teaching Fashion Creation III which involve teaching Pattern making & Construction to graduating Fashion Students.  In October the graduates will show case their latest collection at the Manitoba Museum. Hope you all can make it to see the latest Fashion Designers of Manitoba.

Lastly I want to wish you all a wonderful and a safe summer. Happy Gardening and enjoy what nature had shown you this sumer.

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Sunday, January 1st 2017

12:33 PM

Happy New Year 2017

Hello everyone,

It's the first day of 2017 and enjoying the calmness of the winter morning. Thankful for all the blessings that came my way and wishing that the year that will come ahead will guide me to share and create and prosper as Canada turns 150 years old.

About a week ago we finish wrapping our Incident in a ghost land filming. It was so inspiring and was please to see some footings on the screen.  Then off to make costume for Winnipegs Contemporary Dancers up coming show    " As though I had wings " by WCD's artistic Director Brent Lott. A must see event. Last night Dec. 31st 2016 was the opening. I had tears and happiness at the same time watching these fabulous works by WCD dancers.

Mean while, enjoy the new year. All the best for 2017 and be safe.

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Thursday, December 22nd 2016

7:41 PM

Season's Greetings

Greetings to each and everyone, Hope this Holiday Season brings good tidings and peace to each and everyone of us.   Today is the second day of Winter. In Winnipeg, Manitoba we have tons of snow this year.  I do adore seeing snow and I find it very magical especially when I'm out there in the park or the woods skiing. 

It's been a very busy season for me.  Working on private clients and now with so much work in the film industry I am delighted to have been ask to work on their costumes.  Movies are another world of creativity.  Each person who got hired  has a task to accomplish for the goal of one thing,  the story of the script.

So for now I'm wishing each and everyone  of you a very Merry Christmas.  All the best for the new year.

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