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Sunday, January 19th 2020

1:17 PM


Greetings to all,

It's been a while since you heard from me heh! Well life's been a whirlwind for me. Doing all kind of things to make ends meet to say the least. I have  been away and working on a movie sets with Hall Mark film "Two Turtle Doves" . Creating a winter scene in the middle of the summmer in 2019. It was fun and adventurous. Driving to the country side in Manitoba. And dealing with beautiful Manitobans that had been casted to do the film.Then off to BC to work on a TV series  "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" by Warner Brothers. In here I build costumes for the set. So exciting. Bigger production and higher budget. The sewing room is well equipt and we have buyers who go out and get things for your supply needs.  Ahh! the movie world.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas celebration and wish you all a wonderful New Year.

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